SelectQuote Review

By November 19, 2016Insurance, Reviews
SelectQuote Review

Please be advised:  We are unaffiliated with SelectQuote.  We are considered a competitor and this is our review of their services.

It’s safe to say you’ve seen or heard of Select Quote, either online, on TV, or on the radio. They’ve been featured on the media for many select-quote-reviewyears, they are undoubtedly one of the most known life insurance companies. Anyone contemplating Select Quote should be made aware, at its core they are simply a call center out of San Francisco heavily endorsed by financial guru, Suze Orman.

As we mentioned, Select Quote is a call center, which means they have licensed agents who have to hit sales goals and they use high pressure sales techniques that PolicyGenius warns you about. Their only intentions are to take your initial application on your FIRST phone call. Once you’ve applied, you will never be able to speak with the agent you signed up with ever again. Your information is stored in their call log and if you’re lucky, the licensed agent noted the call for the next agent to assist you if you decided against applying on your FIRST phone call. There is no relationship building, so if you could care less about building a relationship with an agent, then Select Quote may not be a bad option for you. At TailoredQuotes, we love the relationship building aspect of this business; it’s what keeps us going all day every day.

Beware of call center type licensed agents; they most likely do not have your best interest, but their own interest in meeting quotas. Select Quote is boasting being independent, but they only work with 11 life insurance companies. There are many more carriers available on the market, if you’ll let a true independent life insurance agency shop for you; you will save yourself hundreds, if not thousands a year by comparing quotes from all the available companies.

Many people watch Suze Orman and are constantly being shoved Select Quote without realizing she is heavily endorsed by them. Like Dave Ramsey is heavily endorsed by Zander Insurance. These financial gurus are paid to do lead generation. We agree with Suze Orman on many of her views about the types of life insurance to purchase, for the most part, we only disagree with her about Select Quote being the go to provider for coverage. We simply want consumers to know the truth; she is endorsed by Select Quote to provide lead generation.

We have the same technology and have made the process just as easy to secure life insurance coverage as they have. Whether you choose a medical exam or not, we can get you covered in the same amount of time as they can, if not sooner.

Don’t be another number to a quota or a bottom line. Speak with a licensed professional, who cares more about you as a person, then where their next sale is coming from.

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